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I Switched to Companio, What About My Annual Report?

If you have worked with another provider, have recently joined Companio, and want us to submit the report for the previous year, no problem! We can prepare it

Prepare and submit the annual report with Companio is very easy! In just 5 steps it will be done.

This service includes:

Preparing and uploading the report so you can sign it and submit it to the authorities.

Getting help in distributing the profits after its submission or waving any possible debt.

If it you want submitting the annual report for the current period, the price is €250 + VAT.

If you want to submit the annual report for previous periods, the price is €500 + VAT.

Let us help you with your annual report by contacting our customer support team here this link.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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