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Annual Report Explained

The annual report is a document that Estonian companies must write and submit to the authorities after the fiscal year has passed(usually within six months).

It contains all the transactions, movements, and operations of the company.

In addition, the annual report allows you to distribute the earnings of the previous fiscal year (if applicable) in the form of dividends. Your company cannot distribute dividends until the annual report is filed.

Please note that if your company was registered after July 1 of last year, you do not need to file the annual report for the previous year.

Preparing the annual report is not included in our monthly accounting fee, but we will gladly offer you this service. It is very easy with Companio! In just 5 steps, you can prepare and send your annual report.

This service includes:

Preparing and uploading the report so you can sign it and submit it to the authorities.
Getting help in distributing the profits after its submission or waving any possible debt.

Have you recently switched to Companio and need help with your annual report? Then read this article.

The total cost of this service is 250€+VAT.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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