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How Do I Sign My Company’s Annual Report?


Log in to the e-Business Register website with your e-resident card to sign your annual report. Then, click "Submission of a report" and "Submission of the annual report."

Next, you will see the report listed under "Annual reports to be submitted" in the "Incomplete reports" section. Then, next to the incomplete report, you will see two options on the right: "View" and "Delete." Click on the "View" button.


Here, you will see a summary of the general data of the annual report.

Click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next stage, the report review.

On one of the screens, you will see a section called "Content," where the address of the person submitting the annual report is displayed. Additionally, at the bottom of that screen, there is another section titled "Breakdown of Sales Revenue," where the field of activity is specified.

You must review both the address of residence and the business activity. If you want to change the address of residence or the business activity, please do not sign the report and contact our support team to update that information. Once you are satisfied with everything, click the button to proceed to the next step, "Signing a report."


In this step, you can review the annual report that we have prepared for your company.

First, you can download the English PDF version of the annual report to review it. Suppose the English version is unavailable and only the Estonian PDF is provided. In that case, you can download and translate it into English using a service like Google Translate. Generally, the English version will be available.

Take a look at the annual report. You must understand and agree with its content. If you have any questions, please let us know. Later, when you digitally sign this annual report, you declare your agreement with its content's accuracy and correctness.


Now, you will see a screen that includes the PDF of the annual report and a list of the management board members who can sign it. Only one signature is required to submit the annual report; not every member of the board needs to sign.

First, if the date is not already present in the field "The date of the completion of the preparation of the annual report," add the current date and click "Save" on the right. Otherwise, you can disregard this change.

Once you click on "Digital signing of the report," you will be taken to the screen where you need to indicate the date you completed the report.

Then, click on "Add a digital signature to the report."

Before you are prompted for the digital signature and PIN2, you will be asked to add a resolution regarding this annual report. Something as simple as "I hereby approve this annual report for submission" will suffice. Then, click on "Please sign the report."

When you click "Please sign the report," you will see the screen where you are asked for the signature. Click on "Sign the document."

If everything goes well, you will see a message that says, "Document successfully signed!"

Now, access Companio's dashboard and click on the 'Everything is signed' button to notify the accounting team that you have signed.

Updated on: 10/03/2024

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