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As an essential part of the process of registering your company, all partners need to sign the accounting contract and AML (Anti-money laundering) document before proceeding to the registry application. This is so for two reasons:

To ensure that the partners are all e-residents and to verify their identities.
To ensure that you understand and accept the associated accounting contract.

To proceed to this signature, which is done during the registration process, you will simply have to proceed as follows:
The e-resident card is inserted into the reader and connected to the computer.
Go to the dashboard. All members will receive an email when payment has been made. However, the representative can access the system and resend payment links to all members from the administrative area.
Click on the signature button.
Select your certificate. You will be asked for your PIN2.

That's it! Once all the partners have signed, we will be ready to proceed to the signature.
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