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How Do I Sign the Contract of Services?

It is mandatory that all partners sign the monthly accounting service contract and the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) document to proceed with the next step in activating your company. This serves two purposes:

To ensure that all partners are e-residents and verify their identities.
To ensure that you understand and accept the contract for the provision of monthly accounting services.

To proceed with this signature, you will need to do the following:
- Insert the e-resident card into the reader and connect it to the computer.
- Go to your company's control panel on Companio. All partners will receive an email once the payment has been made in the signup process, but it is the representative who can access the company's dashboard and forward the signing links to all partners if necessary.
- Click on the signature button.
- Select your certificate. You will be asked for the PIN2.

That's it! Once all partners have signed, you will be ready to proceed with the next step to activating your company

Once signed, the representative will receive the contract in the email account indicated as the "representative's email" in the signup process.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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