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Non-Open Banking Banks: How to Connect Them?

The process is similar if you have a bank account with an API key. These are the steps to follow:


First, let's see how to connect your Stripe bank account.

Access your Stripe dashboard, and go to "Developers" and then to API Keys.

Go down to the section "Restricted Keys". These keys allow you to define a set of permissions to ensure the security of your financial information and that you only grant the permissions that we need. Once there, click on "Create Restricted Key".

Now you will be asked to specify the permissions for the key. Choose the following:

First, click "Read" on Permissions and Connect Permissions on "All core resources". Notice how all sub-elements are marked as "Read" too.

Next, click "Read" on Permissions and Connect Permissions on "All Checkout resources", "All Billing resources" and "All Connect resources".

Next, click "Read" on Permissions and Connect Permissions on "All Orders resources", "All Issuing resources", "All Reporting resources", and "All webhook resources View".

Next, click on "None" on Permissions and Connect Permissions on

Next, click "Read" on Permissions on "Stripe CLI permissions".

Next, click "Read" on Permissions and Connect Permissions on "All Payment Links resources", "All Terminal resources", "Tax", and "Radar"

Now you have granted all permissions, click on the "Create Key" button.

You will be shown a dialog that contains the generated key. Verify that the key starts with "rk_live_".

Now go to Companio, Banks section, if you already linked your Stripe account in the past, locate your Stripe bank account, click on the options and choose "Reconnect". If you didn't, click on the "Add new" button, and click on "Link" on the Stripe one.

Paste the key that you copied, and verify that it starts with "rk_live_...". Click on the accept button. Wait while the transactions are being recovered and added to your account.


Let's see now how to connect your Mollie bank account.

Select the bank account.


To link the Mollie account of your company in the dashboard, you must obtain a special token that allows us to access the Mollie API. Using this key, we can obtain your bank statements automatically to make the bank reconciliation. You can find more information about where you can find your API key on your Mollie's account here, and to get Stripe's API key you must follow these steps.

Mollie 2

That’s it! If the bank account was successfully linked, you'll see this message on the screen:

Mollie 3

Keep in mind that we always ask for read-only privileges, so even if somebody leaks the API keys, the attackers would not be able to do any transfers. We still work hard to ensure our systems are up to date and implement as much protection against attacks as possible.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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