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How to Switch to Companio With Our 3-Step Process

The process is straightforward if you used to work with another service provider and want to switch to Companio. Just follow these 3 steps:

Sign up and enter your company's registration code so we can find it.

Confirm your company information. Once we have found it, you will have to review the data to confirm that it is correct and that it is your company. If any information needs to be included, we will ask you to complete it.

Payment summary of €0. As promised, we won't charge you anything to switch to Companio, so you'll see a payment summary of €0 on the screen.

You will only have to pay the monthly fee once the change has taken effect and we have taken care of your monthly accounting.

For example, if you switched to Companio on May 19, we would take care of the accounting for May. You would pay the monthly fee on June 25, since in June, we have taken care of your accounting for the previous month (May).

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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