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How to Upload and Match Google Ads and Google Playstore Ads Invoices?

When you have a Google Ads account, Google App Ads account, or Google Playstore account, you may notice that the monthly invoice does not reflect the expected amount. This is because Google operates by increasing the balance each time you make a payment, and then deducts the payment for campaigns, clicks, and other expenses. Consequently, the balance is modified, and only then can you see the resulting invoice, as the image below.

Accountants may find it difficult to understand this process since they do not have access to your account. If you wish to review the correct invoice for each month, you should navigate to the billing activity section instead of the documents section. Within this section, you will find a link for each payment.

By clicking on the link, you will be able to view the accurate invoice.

To save the invoice as a PDF, simply click on the "print" option, open it as a PDF and save it. Once saved, you can upload this invoice to Companio in order to match it with your financial transactions.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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