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What do I need to obtain a VAT number?

The intra-community VAT number is very convenient for working with European customers and suppliers.

To obtain it, we need some information from you, as well as a series of requirements:

First of all, we need your company to have a bank account with European IBAN. Any country in the European Community is worth it. Without a European bank account, in our experience, the VAT application will most likely be rejected.

We also need you to send us some information. Please, be as detailed as possible and keep in mind that the granting of the VAT number depends absolutely on the data you provide. It is you who have to convince the Estonian authorities that they should grant it to you:

Detailed description of the activity of the company: describe here what your company is dedicated to, how it carries out its activity, how it earns money, and what are the expenses of it, in the greatest possible detail.

Customers and main business partners/suppliers. You have to answer at least these questions:
A. Who are your customers? Individuals/companies? Where are they from Europe, outside Europe? We need you to enumerate, including its company name and physical address or country, at least one of them.
B. What companies offer you services? (hosting, software, etc.) Where are they from? We need you to list, with company name and physical address or country, at least one of them.
C. Do you have suppliers of any kind? Who are they and where are their companies established?
D. Brief description of how the business operates. Here you must answer at least these questions:
Describe a typical example of a service or product that you serve your customers.
Describe how that service or product is purchased or acquired, and how you deliver it to the customer.
How do your customers find you? (social networks / Adwords / forums / searches / recommendation).

Dropshipping businesses may need to adhere to the OSS scheme in order to get a VAT number and declare sales in different countries in the EU.

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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