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What Is My Company’s VAT Number?

Your company, at the time of entering the Estonian registry, obtains a registration number. This number, along with the name of your company, serves to identify it, and should be included in the invoices that you send to your clients or your suppliers send you. It is composed only of numeric digits (eg. 123456789).

If your company also obtains an intra-community VAT number and enters the VIES register (included free of charge in our company creation package), it will obtain a VAT number that will start with EE (such as EE123456789 ). This number is important to also include in invoices, especially European ones, both from customers and suppliers.

Regardless of whether your company has VAT or not, from the moment you have a registration number, you can already invoice any client and be invoiced by your suppliers.

However, we always recommend that you obtain a VAT number, because it has additional advantages for your company and no disadvantages.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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