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What Kind of Businesses and Activities Does Companio Global Support?

While the e-Residency program of Estonia may be a good fit for all kinds of international businesses, it is specially beneficial for online businesses, or those doing a location independent activity.

Companio supports all businesses whose activity is online, digital, or can be performed in a location independent way, without facilities, offices, or permanent establishments outside of Estonia. The crucial point is that this activity can be carried out regardless of your country of residence or physical location.

Examples of activities supported by Companio include:

Digital activities

This category includes activities that are essentially performed online, such as online marketing, software development, design, being a youtuber, instagrammer or influencer, etc.

Profesional activities

These include activities that while can be performed without a laptop or tablet, are based on your knowledge or professional skills and are not tied to a specific location. Examples include business consulting, lawyer and law-related activities such as consulting and legal representation, education and training services, translation, copywriting, or highly qualified skills such as yatch repairing, as long as no physical premises, offices, or a permanent establishment in any country is required.


Startups working in an online product or service, or whose activity does not require permanent premises, offices, or employees in a permanent establishment, are a perfect match for Companio's services.

Dropshipping and e-Commerce online shops

We support Amazon FBA and dropshipping businesses as long as their activity is merely online and they follow a series of rules.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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