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e-Residency of Estonia: 5 Simple Steps to Apply for It

Applying for the Estonian e-Residency program is very straightforward and 100% online. Let's see the steps to follow!

1. Collect the documentation required

To become an e-resident, you will need these documents:

A copy of your ID.
A passport-size photo in .jpg or .jpeg format.
CV (or a link to social media like LinkedIn).
Your Visa or Mastercard to pay the state fee of €120.

2. Submit your application

Go to the e-Residency program application website and complete all the information requested:

Personal data (name, surname, nationality, etc.). Make sure the data is correct.

ID (if you are from Europe) or passport. The issuing authority is the official institution that issued your ID or passport. Usually, this information appears in the passport.

You must also upload a photo of your face and another of your ID or passport. This photo must follow the same guidelines as any passport photo: white/neutral background, visible face (for example, without sunglasses).

Next, you must add additional information, such as your CV, social media accounts, and/or criminal record. Some of these fields are required, but if you are missing something, you can specify it in your application.

Finally, they will ask you why you want to become an e-resident in Estonia. You should likely choose "Location Independent International Business" (international business with geographical independence).

You'll also have to choose your pick-up location for your card, but make sure that the location is in a country or region you have the right to go to.

3. Wait for your request to be approved

The process can take up to 30 days and you may be asked for additional information or documents if necessary.

If all goes well, they will send you a message to inform you that the Estonian police are reviewing your application. It is expected, part of the process, and the goal is to ensure you're "good people."

Weeks later, you will receive confirmation of your application's approval and will be notified that your Estonian e-Residency kit is on its way to the selected embassy.

Then, for the next 1-2 weeks, you will receive a notification to come to pick it up.

4. Pick up your Estonian e-Residency pack

You must pick up your e-Residency kit in person, as your fingerprints are required. You must also bring the same identification document you attached to the application form.

The e-resident kit contains the card, a small foldable USB card reader and some instructions containing PIN1, PIN2, and PUK.

5. Start using your e-resident card

To start using your card you must download the DigiDoc4 identification software, and then you can connect your card reader to the USB port of your computer. Remember to place the side of the card with the gold chip facing up.

If you have any problems at any point in the process, don't worry. Contact our Customer Support team via chat.

And remember: at Companio, we will be happy to guide you in obtaining your e-Residency, so if you need help registering your company in Estonia, contact us by clicking on this link.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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