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How to Get Started With Your e-Residency Card

Once you have received the e-resident pack with your card, you can now set it up to start using it!

Before installing the card with the reader, you will need to install the software.

The official e-Residency page explains the process in English. The steps are the following:

First, you must enter this link, where you will find the programs you need to install.

The page will offer you two installation packages depending on your computer's operating system. You must install both installation packages.

First, install "Web browser components for authentication and digital signing." This contains the computer's drivers to read the card from the USB.

You have to click first on the first button above that says "Download" (the top of the two). If you have a Mac, it will download a .dmg package. Double-click to open it. You will see the typical installation program. Double-click again to install it and follow the instructions.

Finally, you will have to click on the second "Download" button (the one below), allowing you to install the DigiDoc4 Client program. If you have a Mac, the App Store will be opened.

If everything went well, the plugins for your browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) will also have been installed.

Finally, you need to enable plugins for your browser, which will allow you to sign documents with your digital card. On that page, a little further down, there are three icons of the three main browsers. Please choose any of them and follow the instructions that will appear.

Let's see if it works!

Let's see if your card works correctly. To do this, you have to go to the official page of the Estonian online portal, where you will find something like this:

Click on the blue "Login" button at the top right. If it appears in a strange language, don't worry, it's Estonian, and you can select English at the top right. It will take you to the following screen:

Click on the button on the left that says "ID-card" and click on the "Continue" button. A dialog will appear if the card is well read, asking you to select the certificate and enter your PIN1 number.

If everything goes well, you will access the e-Residency portal, and your name will appear above. Congratulations! You have correctly configured everything.

Sometimes, the card can cause problems because you have not inserted it correctly, the reader does not have the light on, etc. It is often enough to move the card a little and ensure that you insert it correctly and perpendicularly.

If you have any problems at any point in the process, don't worry. Contact our Customer Support team via chat.

And remember: at Companio, we will be happy to guide you in obtaining your e-Residency, so if you need help registering your company in Estonia, contact us by clicking on this link.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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