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What Does the e-residency Kit Contain?

The e-Resident pack contains three important things:

The e-resident card. Your e-Resident number (personal code) appears below on the right. It is an 11-digit number.
A tiny USB reader. It is like a black rectangle that can be opened like a cross. It has a part with pins that go into the USB port (with the pins facing up).
A closed envelope. This envelope contains PIN1 and PIN2 pins that you need to operate with your card and the PUK.

What are the PIN keys used for?

PIN 1 is used to access all online services of the Estonian administration. For example, when accessing the Estonian tax office website or Companio's dashboard, you can use your PIN1.

The PIN2 is used to sign documents. It is the equivalent of your physical signature, so keep in mind that it is binding on official documents. For example, with the PIN2, you can sign powers of attorney so that we manage your accounting, sign contracts, or make bank transfers.

How do I use the USB reader?

First, you have to know how you must insert the card. Open the USB reader in the shape of a perpendicular cross and insert the card with the chip facing up.

How do I use the e-resident card?

To start using your e-resident card, you first have to install the software. We explain it in this article.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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