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How Do I Register a New Employee With Companio Work?

Access the Companio's dashboard and navigate to the "Employees" section. Click on "Add Employee" to proceed.

Provide the employee's personal information. Next, input details about their job, including salary, starting date, and other relevant data. Finally, enter the employee's bank information.

After you submit the employee details, we will receive a request for a quote. Our team will calculate the quote based on the employee's gross salary and other relevant factors. This allows us to determine the social taxes, deposit, and fees.

We will then send a quote to you, the employer. The quote consists of two elements: The first invoice covers the regular monthly payment and the deposit and setup fee. The following are the "regular month" invoices, including the gross salary, social taxes, and monthly fee.

You, as the employer, have the opportunity to review and approve the quote before proceeding.

Please note that the amount displayed is an estimate, and you could expect slight variations of up to 5% (but usually much less). That's because the taxes to be paid for the salary of employees depend on multiple factors, including their tax residence, marital status, family situation, or time of employment. Payments will stabilize progressively.

Upon approval of the quote, the employee will be requested to sign the employment contract.

Once the employee has signed the contract, we will initiate the registration process, which typically takes a few days to complete.

As soon as the employee's registration is finalized, we will promptly notify you, the employer, and the employee, ensuring everyone is informed about the progress.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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