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Unless you have a bank account with an API key or you have to upload bank statements manually, these are the steps to follow:

Go to the "Banks" section and select your bank. In the example, we will link Wise. If it is the first time you connect it, it will appear as "unlinked."

You'll see a message like this, which says that Companio is requesting access to your Wise bank account:

It will redirect you to your Wise account.

You have to enter your access data into your bank account.

To verify that it is you, you must open your mobile app and confirm it.

Finally, you will see a message like the one below saying that Nordigen is requesting permission to access your account. Nordigen is a solution that allows banks to access your data. You can find a list of all the banks that can be connected here. You must click on the button that says "authorize," as it appears in this image:

Now check that your bank appears as "linked", just like Wise in the image of step 1.
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