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How to Manually Upload Your Bank Statements With Companio?

Unfortunately, not all banks offer API integration, and for these cases, we will need you to download your bank statements of all currencies (i.e. your accounts in USD, EUR, etc.) and upload them regularly.

How regularly? Ideally, at the end of each week, but at least at the beginning of the following month (before the 5th). This allows us to work on your accounting throughout the month, instead of doing everything at the last minute.

You can manually upload bank statements only with the Premium plan.

How to add the bank with Companio?

Companio can be automatically linked with thousands of banking solutions and payment gateways in just a couple of clicks.
But if your bank cannot be linked automatically, you must specify account information, including IBAN or account number for all currencies (if it is a multi-currency account).

You can easily do this from Companio’s dashboard by clicking "Add New" and then specifying the bank account information. Use the "Add More" button if you need to add more balances or currency account numbers.

Statement upload 1

Statement upload 2

In this way, we will know the information of your bank and we will be able to ask for it when necessary. It's important to link all of your company's bank accounts .

Then, you just have to upload your bank statements regularly. This involves downloading them from your bank's online interface and uploading them to Companio.

CSV/Excel or PDF?

Most banks allow you to export bank statements in CSV/Excel or PDF. It is advisable to download both formats and upload them to our platform.

Remember to specify the appropriate time period . If it's the beginning of the new month (June, for example), you might want to download the whole month of May. If you are uploading the second weekly statement in May, on the 14th, please select from the beginning (day 1) to today (day 14).

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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