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How to Create a Virtual Card To Add It to Companio?

A virtual card allows you to make purchases on the internet or in apps, and even pay in stores using mobile payment services like Google Pay and Apple Pay, so it is a perfectly valid option for paying the monthly fee of Companio.

Here we explain how to create a new virtual card in LHV or Wise.

Creating a Virtual Card with LHV

Access your LHV account on the web interface and go to the left side of the panel. Click on the "Bank cards" section, and there you will find your cards.
Click "new card" on the right, and two options will appear: a business debit card and a business credit card. Select one of them and click on the "request card" button.
Select the "virtual card" option and enter your details (name, identification code, and where the identification code was issued).
Click on "continue," and the card will be created. Make sure that all the provided data is correct, and click on "accept."

Creating a Virtual Card with WISE

Access your corporate bank account on Wise and click on "cards" in the website bar.
Click "Request a card" on the top right and click "Get yours now."
Click on "Show me my cards." You will see that your new card has been added and is ready to use.

In the video below, we explain live how you can do it. 👇🏻

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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