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Why Are My Payments Failing?

There are several common reasons why a payment method can fail, including:

Incorrect card details: Make sure that the card details you entered are up-to-date. Suppose you recently received a new card for theft or other reasons. In that case, the card number may have changed, and you must update the payment method accordingly.

Insufficient funds: If there are not enough funds in the account linked to the credit or debit card, the payment may fail. Double-check your account balance to ensure that enough funds to cover the amount.

Exceeded credit card spending limit: If you have a credit card with a spending limit, exceeding that limit can cause the payment to fail. Check your credit card balance and spending limit to ensure you stay within it.

Your payment provider has blocked your card. Contact your payment provider as in some cases, if there have been failed payments, they may have blocked your card and even payments from your IP address.

Once you have identified the problem and taken steps to resolve it, you can add a new payment method.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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