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I Need an Account With an Estonian IBAN

On some platforms like Google Ads, they may require that your IBAN matches the country of your company.

In most cases, even if your bank account doesn't have an Estonian IBAN, you can submit a support ticket or contact the platform's customer support. Request an Estonian IBAN while explaining that your bank is not Estonian, despite the bank account being associated with an Estonian company.

If this non-Estonian IBAN is not accepted, you have two options:

Open a bank account with one of the digital solutions offering Estonian IBANs (such as Wise or Paysera). You can find more information about service providers offering Estonian IBANs on the Marketplace website. Use filters to find solutions that offer Estonian IBANs.

Alternatively, you can consider opening an account with a traditional Estonian bank, such as LHV or Swedbank. Please note that you'll need to visit Tallinn to open the account, and they may require you to demonstrate a significant connection to Estonia, which could be challenging to prove.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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