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The Bank Is Asking Me for Documents to Prove the Structure of the Shareholders or Members of the Board

It may happen that the bank asks you for a notarised document that proves the shareholding structure to verify it.

They usually ask for 2 types of documents:

1️⃣Banks can request documents to show that they are actually talking to the owners and representatives of the business and that they have the power and authority to open the bank account.

These documents are usually two: the entry in the registry and the articles of association of the company, where the names of the members of the company's board of directors are listed.

2️⃣ Some banks may be more interested in getting proof of the shareholder structure. They want to know who the real “owners” of the company are. This is what is called “extended registry information”, which contains the names of the shareholders and the amount of capital that each of them has contributed.

In both scenarios, Companio is here to assist you. If you require these documents, we can provide this additional service. Please get in touch with our support team for more information.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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