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For us to prepare your annual report you must follow these steps:

Make sure all your corporate bank accounts are linked to Companio in the dashboard.
Upload all the required documents (invoices) to Companio before March 14.
Please grant Companio permission to prepare your annual report if you haven’t done it yet.
Companio will prepare the annual report for you.
You must submit the annual report to the Estonian tax authorities before June 30.

While we are preparing this document, we may need additional information, such as invoices, bank transfer receipts, or other documents.

IMPORTANT: The payment of the annual report preparation will not be refundable in case we are not able to prepare it due to missing information, documentation, or collaboration from the customer.

The annual report must be submitted to the Estonian tax authorities before June 30.

If you need to have your annual report ready before March 14, we offer you the “Annual Report Priority” service. This service has a cost of €100 + 20% VAT.

If you are interested in this service you can contact the customer service team at this link
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