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Why Are You Now Asking For Additional Documents for the Annual Report That You Didn’t Request in Previous Years?

At our company, we adhere to the accounting and tax regulations of Estonia, which are outlined in the Estonian Accounting Act, the Estonian Income Tax Act, and other relevant legal provisions. These laws require proper documentation and recording of financial transactions, including the submission of invoices for all payments made.

To ensure compliance with the established deadlines mandated by the legislation, we kindly request that you add the corresponding invoices by the 5th day of the month following the invoice month. If we do not receive the invoices on time, our accountants, in order to fulfill your company's tax obligations, categorize such payments without invoices as prepayments. These prepayments are incorporated into your accounting, but it is essential that an appropriate invoice is eventually attached to them.

By requesting these additional documents, we ensure compliance with legal requirements and maintain accurate financial records for your company. If you have any specific questions regarding the legal framework or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Updated on: 18/06/2023

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