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Can I Register My Company Without e-Residency?

If you don't have e-Residency, the only way of registering a company in Estonia is the "old way".

That implies:
Physically visiting a notary in Estonia.
Creating a translated (by a sworn translator) power of attorney at a notary and sending it to the notary in Estonia.

As such, fiscal agencies or notary firms may offer that service, but as we offer our services completely online, we don’t offer this service.

Another important detail is, if you create your company "the old way", for every small procedure or operation with your company, you will need to visit a notary in Estonia or (again) sign a power of attorney with someone.

That is less than ideal, and we won't recommend anyone to open a company under these conditions in Estonia or any other place.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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