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How to Change the Legal Address of Your Company?

To change the legal address and the contact person of your company you have to follow the following 9 steps.

1. Access the Company Registration Portal and Start the Application to Change The Data

Log into the e-Business Register.
Once inside, you will see a list of your companies. Most probably, there will only be one. Click on the name of your company.
A new screen will appear showing some information about your company. Click on the "Change the data" blue button. When asked "Are you sure you want to start filling out the data change application?", click on "Yes".
You will then see a new screen with some sections containing the data of your company.
Go to the "Contacts" section, locate the address of your company, and click on "Change". Another screen will appear with your current address on the left and a map on the right. In the address field, start typing "Lõõtsa 5”. A list of matches will appear as shown in the figure below:

2. Alter the Address

Changing Address

Make sure to choose the one where the green pin sits at the building on the right as shown in the image. If you choose one of the other ones, no worries, just go to the map and click on the right pin (the one on the right).

Click on “Save”. You will go back to the previous screen where the right address should now be listed. Make sure the address is correctly specified as shown below (Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Lõõtsa 5, 11415).

If all looks good, click on “Save the changes”.

3. Add Us as the Contact Person and Remove Previous One

Go to the “Persons" section. You will see a new screen where you appear as a “Management board member”. Down below you will see the "Contact person" section where there may be another person or company listed. If that happens, we need to delete this person first. In order to do that, click the “Delete” button corresponding to that person.
Now you can Add us as a person of contact by clicking on the "Add contact person" button.
You will see a form in the “Contact person addition” section. Click on "Legal" and then, fill in our information:

Business name: CompanioEstonia OÜ.
Registry code: 14522788.
Country of the registry code: Estonia.
Email: [email protected].
Address field: replace the address like you did in the previous section (entering Lōōtsa 5 and selecting the right pin in the map).

4. Alter the Articles of Association

You need to change the articles of association ONLY if your current ones specify that the current legal address of your company is NOT in Tallinn, Harju Maakond. If your current legal address is in Tallinn, you can skip this step and continue with step 5.

To find out if you need to alter the articles of association:

Go to the “Articles of association” section.
You will see a PDF link. Download it.
Open the file, and look for the legal address of your company. It’s usually article nº 1.2, and in Estonian it says “Osaühingu asukoht on …”.
If it says “Osaühingu asukoht on Tallinn, Harju Maakond”, congratulations! Your company is already registered in the city of Tallinn, so you won’t need to alter the articles of association. You can safely scroll down to “Adding the documents for the petition”.

However, if it says anything different, like “Pudisoo Kula, Harju Maakond”, you will need to alter the articles of association.

How to change the articles of association?

Click on “Alter the articles of association”.
Now, it’s important to know if your articles of association are already digitalized or not. Click on the "Change" button, you will see a screen with two options:

Use a template for articles of association.
Upload articles of association.

Click on the first one. If you see a blue button saying “Alter the latest articles of association”, the articles of association of your company have been digitalized. That will make the process easier. If on the contrary, there’s only one blue button saying “Create new articles of association”, you will need to do some extra steps.

Let’s see both cases.

If your articles of association are digitalized, you can edit them directly here. On step 5, upload a resolution agreeing to modify them digitally, adding one extra document.

These are the steps:

Click on the “Use a template for articles of association” button. Check that the address displayed in section 1.2 says "The registered office of the company is in Harju maakond, Tallinn.". Otherwise, there should be a button to change that and choose Tallinn, Harju Maakond. If the button does not appear, you need to proceed with the non-digitalized option as shown in the previous section.
Then go down to the bottom of the page. Select the current date in the "Date of approval" field and click on “Check the articles of association”. Don’t alter anything else.
If the system complains about the fact that some sections have not been filled, that's probably due to sections 3.4 and 3.5. In both of them, choosing the first option ("if at least 2/3 of the votes of the shareholders are given in favor of the resolution in the case specified in subsection 174 (2) of the Commercial Code." for the first one and "if at least 3/4 of the votes of the shareholders are given in favor of the resolution in the case specified in subsection 174 (2) of the Commercial Code." for the second one) and saving the changes is the safest option.
If everything goes well, the page will reload and a message “No errors were identified in the articles of association.” will appear. Go down to the bottom again. Then click on “Next” to continue with the process in the Documents section.

If your articles of association are NOT digitalized, update them manually by downloading, modifying, and re-uploading the file. In step 5, also submit an agreement document, adding two more uploads.

In case your articles of association have not been digitalized, you will see only one button saying “Upload articles of association”.

We are going to replace the city of your company in the Articles of Association PDF and upload it.

These are the steps:

Go to a PDF to DOC conversion tool such as Upload the PDF and convert it to DOC.
Download this DOC, open it, modify the article with the address and set it to “Tallinn, Harju Maakond”. DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING ELSE.
Now go back to the browser and select the file to upload on the button "Upload documents". Enter the date of approval in DD.MM.YYYY format (remember to add the points as separators), and click on the option “The articles of association does not set out different types of shares and/or special rights”. Finally, click on “Add the articles of association as a file”.
Then click on "Save".
Now you can proceed to add the documents for the petition.

5. Add the Documents for the Petition

The mandatory one is the consent document from the legal address/person of the contact provider (us). Ask us for this document, specifying your company name and registry code, and then:

In the area to upload documents, upload the document with the consent we gave you in .asice format and select “Consent of Contact Person” as the type of document.

If your previous address was outside of Tallin and, then, you had to change the articles of association), please follow these extra instructions (if you didn't change them because your previous address was in Tallinn you can skip this part and go to "Confirm the petition"):
Your articles of association can be digitalized or not. Upon entering this section, you will clearly see if they are digitalized (because you will be able to change them) or not (in which case there will be just a PDF document):
If your articles of association are digitalized:
The board member of the company (you and any other member of the board) will have to sign and upload a resolution approving the change. Ask us for the resolution of the body document and fill it with the information of all members. You will only need to change the areas in the orange background. Then export it as a PDF (important), and sign the PDF digitally by all shareholders and members of the board. You should end up with a .asice document. Upload that document specifying the type of document “Resolution of the body”.
If your articles of association are NOT digitalized:
You have to download the PDF of your articles of association (there will be a download button on that page), convert it to DOC, modify it and convert it back to PDF, you should upload this PDF. Only in this case. You will also need to add a document with the resolution of the body confirming that you all agree to change the articles of association, like in the previous case, ask us for the document, fill it in, sign it, and upload it too. So there will be two documents to upload, the modified PDF of the articles of association, and the resolution of the body agreeing to change the articles of association.

Now it’s time to sign the petition by clicking on the “Confirmation of the application” button.

6. Confirm and sign the Petition

Click on “Check the details of the entry petition”.
Click on the “Sign” blue button. Wait until the pop-up appears to choose your certificate, and enter your PIN 2.
If the signature process succeeds, you will see the signature tick next to your name.

7. Proceed to Payment

Next, you may need to pay the state fee for the change in legal address and person of contact (€25). Please, follow these instructions:

Select “Payment of the state fee in a bank office or in the internet bank”, and choose “View details for making a payment”. You will see a screen with all the information for the payment.
Choose any of the bank account IBANs for the payment.
Go to your online bank website and do the payment. Then go back to this page, close the pop-up, and click on “Confirm Payment”.
Now just proceed to submit the application to the registry.

If the state fee is paid via a bank app, there might be a delay before it is registered in the system, after which the application can be submitted. However, there is an option to request automatic submission of the application as soon as the payment is recorded in the registry.

8. Send the Petition to the Registry

The last step in the process is to submit the changes in the application to the registry. To do this, simply proceed to the submission in the "Submission of application" section.

You will receive an email from the registry confirming that the application has been submitted. If there is an error or any documents are missing, you will also receive an email, but be sure to check the Business Registration Portal regularly as information will be updated there. Your application will appear in the list of "Applications" with the name of your company.

9. Change the Address on Your Invoices

Once the process has been completed, and the legal address of your company has been updated in the registry, you must change the address on all your invoices issued from this moment on. This change is important to make sure they are correct after the change of the legal address of your company.

As always, if you find trouble changing the legal address or person of contact, send us a message and we will gladly help you!

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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