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Share Capital in Estonia: How to Increase It

You can also increase the share capital online from the e-Business Register.

These are the steps to follow to increase the share capital:

Change the total amount of share capital.
Log in to the e-Business Register.
Go to the "My Undertakings" section and click on your company's name.
In the "Main information" section, click on the "Change the data" button.
In step number 5, "Capital," click on the "Change" button.
Enter the new total amount and click "Save".

Modify the contribution of each member.
Click the "Change" button.
Once you have changed the amount, update the address and click "Save."

The sum of the contribution of all members corresponds to the share capital total.

Modify the articles of association.
Go to step 6, "Articles of Association," and click on "Change." Confirm that all data is correct and the amount you selected is correct. In 3.4 and 3.5 select all correct information and click "Save". Select the date of approval and then click "Check the articles of association".
In step 7, "Documents," add the "resolution of the body" and the bank notice (the confirmation of the transfer).

The resolution of the body file must be previously signed with Digidoc and must have the ".asice" extension.

Sign the application.
You can do it from step 8 "Confirmation of the application".

Pay the state fee and submit the application
The last step, number 9, "Payment of the state fee."

Watch the video below to see how to do it step by step. 👇🏻

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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