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1. Access the e-Business Register

First, you have to enter the company portal and follow these steps:

Go to e-Business Register and click on "login." If it appears in Estonian, click on "ENG" and then on the "ID-KAART" button under "Login with ID-card."

You will see a list of your companies. Click on the name of the company you want to download the documentation.

Click on "Start the petition for an entry regarding alteration."

2. Download the articles of association
To download the articles of association, you must follow these steps:

A new screen will appear with your company data. At the top, you'll see an option next to text that says "Choose information." Select "Articles of Association (PDF)."

Next to the "Valid" entry of your current articles of association, select "PDF" to download the articles of association.

3. Download the entry in the registry

*Click on the "Choose information" drop-down again. This time, choose "The printout of valid registry card information in English."

You will see the most recent entry in the registry. On the right, there's a "PDF" button you can click to download the entry in PDF format.

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