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How Do I Get Registration and Payment of Notarized Share Capital in English-Estonian or Spanish-Estonian

In order to register the share capital of your company, you need to make an application in the register attaching proof of payment or a report signed by the bank that proves that the share capital has been paid, and it has to be in Estonian and digitally signed.

The problem is that some banks are not able to deliver said documentation with these requirements, so it is necessary to make a sworn translation, sometimes notarized, and with an apostille so that the authorities accept the bank's report.

So how can you get that documentation?

Don't worry! At Companio we also help you with this. We have a pack for this service that includes:

Sworn translation of the bank statement into Estonian, in case it is in another language. If it is already in Estonian, we perform notarization of the document.
The Hague Apostille: after the sworn translation, the Hague Apostille will be applied to the official translation so that it can be accepted between European countries (for example, between Spain and Estonia). This apostille can also be added for other Latin American countries (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, etc.) if necessary.
Physical and digital copies: we send the physical copies of the document to your address and the digital copies with the digital signature of the notary so that you can present them when you declare the share capital
Help and support in the process of registering the share capital.

The price for you to obtain and send you all the documents you need to register the contribution of the share capital, translations and apostilles is only €650 + VAT

If you are interested or have any questions about this service, you can contact our support team here.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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