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How to Grant Permission to Submit Your Company’s Information and Create User Rights In the eSTAT Portal?

The e-Stat office, a governmental institution in Estonia, collects various data, including activities of Estonian companies. As an Estonian company, you might need to submit information about your company through the e-Stat online portal. To grant us permission to submit this information on your behalf, follow these steps:

Access the e-Stat portal using your e-Residency card.

Click on the “Enter the company environment” button.

Select “Manage users” on the left sidebar. First, you'll see a form named "search users":

Scroll down to the end of this section. Your company should be listed with your name and ID code. Click on the "Select" button.

Click on “Add new respondent” at the bottom.

In the “Select economic entity” dropdown, select your company and click “Select”.

Fill in our details: personal code, first and last name, phone number, and our support email. You can obtain our representative's information through our dashboard.

Choose “Super User” in “Select user rights” and click “Save”.

Verify that our representative's name and ID code are correctly listed alongside yours.

How To Create Estat User Rights

Follow these steps:

Authenticate yourself on the eSTAT login page.
Click on the "Application for user rights" link.
On the application submission page, click “Submit request”.
After submitting the request, confirm or specify the field of activity of your economic entity.
Click "Submit a request".
An eSTAT account will be automatically opened after submitting the application.

Updated on: 10/03/2024

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