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How to Grant Us Permission to Submit Your Company Information on the e-Stat Portal?

Granting permission to us to submit information about your Estonian company on the e-Stat portal is straightforward. Here's how to do it:

Access the e-Stat portal:

Go to the e-Stat portal and log in using your e-Residency card.

Click on the "Enter the company environment" button.

Manage users

Select "Manage users" from the left sidebar. You will see your company listed with your name and ID code.

Click the "Add new respondent" button at the bottom.

Select your company in the "Select economic entity" dropdown and click "Select."

Fill in Representative Information

Enter the required information for the representative:
Personal code.
First and last name.
Your phone number.
The support email of the representative (available through our ticket system).

Assign user rights

Choose "Super User" in "Select user rights."

Click on "Save".

Finalize the process

Confirm that the name and ID code of the representative is listed next to yours.

Updated on: 10/03/2024

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