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How to Update Your Company Information on the eSTAT Portal?

You must update your company information on the eStat portal when requested by the Estonian authorities. You will typically receive an email notification about this requirement.

While it may initially seem a little scary, it is not a big problem. They need some information from you. With simple instructions, you can complete this in about five minutes using your e-resident card. Let's go through how to do it.

Follow these steps to update your company information on the eStat portal:

Access the eStat Portal

Visit the eStat portal at the eStat website.

Choose "ID-Kaart" and log in using your ID card and PIN1.

If the site is in Estonian, switch to English from the top right corner.

Enter the Company Environment

Once logged in, select "Enter the company environment."

Navigate to the top right menu, click on your name, and select "My details."

Edit your information by clicking "Edit data."

Editing Contact Information

Go to "Edit contacts" and find the "Economic entities" table.

Click on your company name to edit its information.

Manage Users

Check your user details under "Manage users."

If necessary, add yourself as a CEO by clicking "Add new responder."

If you manage multiple companies, select the appropriate one from the screen.

Finalize the Update

Add your personal and business details as prompted.

Select "Juhatuse Liige" as your job title, which means a board member.

Click "Save" to complete the update.

If you require assistance or would rather have us handle this process for you, we're here to help. We offer a service to manage these submissions on your behalf. For more information or to utilize this service, please write to us in the chat.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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