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I Can't Unlink A Transaction That Was Matched As Non-Business Expense By The Accountant

Why can’t I unlink a transaction that has been matched as "Non-business related expenses" by the accountant?

When our accountants certify that a purchase is a non-business related expense, they mark it as such in the corresponding report. This process is essential for maintaining accurate financial records and compliance with tax regulations. Here are the primary reasons why a transaction may be marked and not unlinked:

Personal Expense: The transaction is likely a personal expense (such as a coffee, meal, or other personal item) that does not qualify as a business expense.
Missing Invoice: An invoice was not provided within the required timeframe. According to our terms of service, purchase documents must be uploaded by the 5th of the following month after the expense is paid.

What should I do if I think this is a mistake?

If you believe a transaction has been mistakenly marked as a non-business related expense and you have the necessary purchase document to prove it is a business expense, please take the following steps:

Contact Support: Reach out to our support team through the chat at
Provide Documentation: Be prepared to provide the missing purchase document so that our team can review and potentially reclassify the expense.

By addressing this promptly, you can prevent the transaction from being declared as a non-business related expense and avoid the associated tax liability, which is 25% of the net amount according to Estonian law.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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