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I Need Some Documentation of My Company

You may be asked to get a specific document for your company for different reasons. Investors, banks, partners, or governmental authorities may request them.

But do not worry, Companio is here to help you! We will obtain them from the registry, notarise them, add the required apostille (if necessary) and deliver it to you. Below you can see a list with the prices for each one of these documents:

Annual report for previous period€500+VAT
VAT declaration for previous period Depending on the number of invoices, see accounting plans and prices.Starting from €79 + VAT
Adding a board member after the registration of the company is done€99 + VAT
Adding an apostille€99 + VAT
Adding notary marks€99 + VAT
Alter the article of association€30 + VAT
Board member(s) resolution€30 + VAT
Certificate of no tax debt from the Estonian Tax Office€49 + VAT
Certificate of VAT registration€49 + VAT
Change in share capital€99 + VAT
Change of company name€99 + VAT
Documents generating€99 + VAT
Extended registry information (notarized and with an apostille)€99 + VAT
Extended registry information (notarized)€30 + VAT
Formation of voluntary equity reserve€99 + VAT
Help with the audit of the company's annual report€599 + VAT
Liquidation€450 + VAT
List of beneficial owners€30 + VAT
Power of attorney document€99 + VAT
Power to act on behalf of the company€30 + VAT
Proof of income tax paid on distributed dividends€49 + VAT
Proof of residency and tax liability€49 + VAT
Register the contribution of the share capital, translations and apostilles€650 + VAT
Registration of share capital€99 + VAT
Submitting a request for postponement of tax debt payment€49 + VAT
Sworn Translation (English/ Russian/ Spanish/ Ukraine -> Estonian) Accounting/ Auditing/ Tax/ Business Incorporation/ Banking / VAT Related Documents€250 + VAT onwards

If you need any of these documents you just have to contact our support team and tell them what document you need in this link.

Updated on: 25/11/2022

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