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If I Already Have Employees in Estonia, What Are My Options?

If you already have employees in Estonia, they will initially be considered employees. However, you have two options:

If you want them to continue as employees in Estonia, we offer you all the advantages and support you need with Companio Work.

You also have the option to convert them into contractors or freelancers in Estonia. To do this, they must open a company in Estonia and invoice your company. We will include these invoices in your monthly accounting. We can provide guidance, and it's unnecessary to use Companio Work for this option.

IMPORTANT: To comply with EU local regulations that require "substantial presence" in Estonia, having someone working as a contractor in an office rented or owned by the company is the same as having this person as an employee. In other words, it also serves to justify a substantial activity or presence in Estonia.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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