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How to Migrate My Employees & Contractors to Companio Work?

Upon accessing the Companio dashboard, you'll find a message prompting you to review some information before proceeding, as shown below. Click the "Let's Get Started!" button.

Next, you'll find an explanation of what Companio Work is and how it functions. Please read it carefully and click continue.

You'll see a list of your employees and contractors, their country of residence, as well as an automated calculation of their gross salaries. By default, employees from Estonia will appear as employees and those from other countries as contractors. On the right, under "action," you'll find a dropdown to make changes and choose between employee or contractor. If this person is a digital nomad who is NOT considered a tax resident in any country, you should select the option contractor (*).

IMPORTANT: If you select "Contractors" during the migration, there are no additional monthly fees or extra charges, as contractors are not managed through Companio Work. However, if you choose "Employees," you need to manage them via Companio Work. You can calculate the monthly fee for employing individuals through Companio Work in the Pricing section on this page.

After choosing employee or contractor status, please specify the gross salary and currency. We ask for the gross salary instead of the net because the net amount depends on various factors that are challenging to calculate in advance. You can get a good approximation of how much is the gross salary for a net salary of an employee in certain country, and how much you will pay for this person in total here.

Note that the final net salary that the customer receives every month, and the invoice you pay, may vary due to taxes and fees. As part of the employee registration process, we will reach out to confirm the total for your review, so you can take an educated decision before hiring that employee. Then, every month we will issue an invoice that can vary slightly, due to adjustments in the employee's social taxes, but you can expect these variations to be minimal.

If you have any doubts, contact a local advisor in that country or request a free estimate from us.

The next screen will display a summary of the contractors and employees for your review. If everything is correct, click "Approve employees" and "Approve contractors". Otherwise, please go back and make the necessary changes.

Once verified, you'll see a message stating the migration has been completed.

What's next? If you added some employees, we will get back to you with a quote for you to approve. Once approved, we will start the employee registration process, and if everything goes well, you can expect the employee to be registered in a couple of days.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.

(*) As this individual is not a tax resident in any specific country, they cannot be hired as an employee anywhere. Please ask this person to verify with a local tax advisor in their country(s) of origin or residence that they indeed have no tax obligations in any country. If they are deemed a tax resident in any country, that individual should be hired as an employee through Companio Work or register as a contractor or freelancer in that country.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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