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How to Grant Companio a Power (PoA) of Attorney to Do My Accounting?

Make sure to check out this tutorial if you haven't installed the software for using your e-residency card yet. It's essential!

Make sure to check the “Delegable permission” option, as it is mandatory and crucial for us in step number 2. Without selecting this option, we cannot proceed with the accounting.

Once you've completed that, you can authorize us with a power of attorney for your accounting needs. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Acces the Online Tax Service

The first thing you have to do is go to Estonia’s Tax Office website.

Have your e-Residency card and the reader ready! If you land in the Estonian version, just click on the “ENG” (English) link on the top right. Make also sure to be in the “Business client” tab. Now you just have to click on the “E-SERVICE” button.

Place the card in the reader and insert it into the USB. Make sure it is properly positioned, centered, and that the light on the reader is turned on. PRO TIP: You can try to open DigiDoc first and check that the card gets identified before proceeding.

Then click on “Sign in”. If all goes well, you will be asked to select a certificate (there will only be one with your name, so it will be easy) and you will enter the PIN1. This PIN has to come in the package they gave you with the e-Residency in a small sealed envelope.

If after signing, you see two buttons, “Submit income tax return” and “To other e-services”, choose “To other e-services”.

The card usually works well. However, sometimes the reader has problems reading the card, especially the first time. If this happens, do not worry. Try moving the card a bit and make sure it is not upside down!

If everything else fails you can try closing and reopening the browser, using another browser, restarting your computer, or, if nothing helps, contacting the EMTA office (their email is at the bottom of the website).

Give access permissions

Once you’re in, you need to make sure you are accessing as the representative of your company, not as an individual, because you are going to grant us permissions for your company. So click on the top left and choose the name of your company.

Once you are logged in as a company representative, you have to go to the “Settings” tab at the bottom left. Then click on “Access permissions” and then “Access permissions of representatives”. Then click the button at the top right that says “New access permissions”.

Ask us for the ID code of your representative, enter it in the field, and click on “Search”. A result will appear below with the name of the representative. Click on the green “Next” button.

Now choose the current date in the “Valid from” field and, THIS IS IMPORTANT, select “Delegable permission”.

Next, go to the bottom of the page, and you will see a tab saying "Permissions". If you click on “Search”, a list of “packages” containing a set of permissions that you can grant to other people or companies will appear. Click on the Accountant package and make sure it is marked.

Then, select "Package for legal person's authorised representative".

We also need to give another permission to represent you in front of the tax authorities for all the reports and submissions. To do that, click on the “Separate permissions” tab.

Thankfully, there’s a search field to help us find what we’re looking for. Enter “representative” and click on “Search”. The permission we are looking for, “The right of the representative of a person to administer the user right of applications”, should appear below. Click on the green “Add” button.

The "Selected" tab should display the number "3." Clicking on it will reveal:
The Accountant’s Package.
The package for legal person's authorised representative.
The right of the representative of a person to administer the user rights of applications (in Separate permissions).

Click on the "Add" button at the bottom right to add these permissions.

Congratulations! You have just granted us a power of attorney, without needing a notary. Behold the power of the digital nation!

We now have everything we need to do your accounting and taxes, VAT number application, etc.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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