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Step 1 in the Company Setup Process: Company Name

Before deciding on your company name, make sure that it is not already registered and that there is no European or Estonian trademark with a similar name. Choose something unique and distinctive.

You can write it on Companio's platform once you have selected one. We will also check if that name is available. There are 3 possible scenarios:

⛔ A red message appears saying that the name is not available. This means that there is a company or brand with the same or a similar name. You most likely won't be able to register that name, so choose a different one. Below you will find some recommendations if this happens to you.

⚠️ A yellow message indicating that there is a company with a very similar name. You can continue, but probably the name will be rejected. We recommend that you try with a new name. You can follow the same advice that we give you later.

If it appears in green, great! The company name is available and there are no brands or companies with a similar name.

What Do I Do if There Are Similar Names?

Suppose the name you had in mind for your company contains very common words such as "marketing," "online," or "digital." In that case, it will most likely be rejected.

We give you some ideas to modify the name:
Match the words. For example, instead of saying Online Marketing, try OnlineMarketingForAll.
Change any of the letters. For example, instead of saying Marketing Online, you can replace the "a" with the number 4: M4rketingOnline.
Change the name entirely to make it as original as possible. It is time to use creativity. For example, if you're working in marketing, it could be something like AmazingCustomerGrowth OÜ.
Use your name or include it in the company name.

Remember that your company's name is simply that, the commercial name. For your brand, you can use another name, even if the company's official name is different.

Don't wait any longer to check if your company name is available; sign up and verify it here.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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