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Step 2 in the Company Setup Process: Company Information & Members

Add company information

You will have to add the following information:

✅ The activity of your company. Your company can do different activities, but you have to specify the main one.

✅ The means of communication (for example, email, telephone). This information will be published in the e-Business Register.

Add members

The next step is identifying the members of the company. To add members, you have to click on the button with the “+” that says “add director.”

After that, you will have to add relevant information about the shareholders and board members.

If the company members already have their e-resident cards, they can sign the company register immediately. If they are not e-residents, you must add their birth date.

You have to comply with this, so the wizard allows you to continue:

There must be at least one shareholder.
At least one board member must appear.
You must add the sum of the shares of all shareholders. This must be equal to the total share capital of the company. If the numbers don’t match, you may need to delete a member and add it again. For example, you may need to add a board member, or the number of shares must be corrected.
We do not offer our services to politically exposed persons.

Choose the shareholders, board members and representatives

If there is only one member in the company (you), you will be the sole shareholder, board member, and representative. Choose the option “This person will be a member of the board” (and specify the share capital), “This person will be a member of the board”, and “This person will act as a representative of the company”.

For companies with more than one member, usually, all the members will be shareholders and members of the board, and one of them is the representative. Still, it may also happen that one of the members is a shareholder and not a board member.

The representative will be the one for whom we will create a user on the platform. If the other members need to be users, they can ask the representative to create a user.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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